Sustainable Development

The primary focus of ESF is to raise prosperity by increasing employability and promoting skills, the current ESF programme features two cross cutting themes - equal opportunities and sustainable development.

The 2007-2013 approach focused on promoting environmental protection and enhancement and all ESF providers were required to consider how they delivered services in terms of trying to reduce negative impacts and increase positive impacts on the environment.

The current 2014-2023 approach aims to;

  • View sustainable development as skills that businesses demand and require now and in the future which support the economy.
  • Develop opportunities to allow everyone to fulfil their potential which support social justice
  • Increase environmental protection and enhancement through the delivery of projects
To view the full CFO sustainable development plan click here.

CFO3 actively encourages providers to promote sustainable development, specifically in terms of project delivery. Each CFO3 provider will produce a sustainable development policy that will be reviewed every six months to ensure providers are committed to the continuous improvement of their sustainable development plans.

Sustainable Development Documents Link
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Achieve North West Connect
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Shaw Trust
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